November 2016


Well, finally we’ve welcomed the last month of 2016. You can’t imagine how I wish this, probably one of the worst years in history to end. I have a strong desire for the new year and a new beginning, a hope for this course of events.

November 2016 started with a family visit. My parents came to Ankara at last. Having them here and spending time together was great. We did bunch of things, you know family activities. We went to the aquarium which was the first time for me and Mr. T. Seeing those little creatures was fascinating. Underwater world is truly something else. But then the size of the livings started to get bigger and it was heartbreaking. There wasn’t any mammals or anything but still you can’t help it and it’s unacceptable. I hope one day it will be their turn on this planet to live in peace, without us. 

After my parents left, we were mostly at home. It’s already really cold here in Ankara. I started to wear my real winter jumpers and I was like “Wtf? What am I suppossed to wear when it’s really winter?” Anyway, it’s a good reason to stay at home I think. I really hate winter… 

While I was a homebody, I continued to decorate here and there at home. And we are back to our domestic activities. We started a new puzzle, we bake (yes we do), we play card games and watching series. 

We watched Black Mirror -never a disappointment-. I liked every single episode in the newest season except the first one “Nosedive“. We finished the first season of Westworld -another obsession of the month-.  

Having a movie date was in our monthly goals list and we did it! We saw Dr. Strange. We also watched Coraline. I watched How To Get Away With Murder‘s new season like in two days. I’m really captivated by this series. I loooove Viola Davis and and adore Annalise Keating character. I also started to watch Steven Universe as my post-breakfast pleasure. 

I’ve watched a lot this month but unfortunately couldn’t read that much. I started reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman and that’s it. 

I couldn’t read much but we ate enough. As my parents were here, late breakfasts and long dinners were inevitable… Long story short, we ate like shit most of the month. But now it’s time to recover. Thankfully, I love winter veggies and fruits more than summer ones. 

Now that I need to leave because I’m going to cook br♥cc♥li. My love for broccoli is unexplainable. I haven’t tried it yet but I guess I can eat it raw. Speaking of raw, I made a few changes in my nutrition lately which I’m going to talk about later and speaking of changes I finally had an haircut! I was willing to have it cut for a while but Susan Miller and my ruling planet were making me postpone it. Me, shorter the hair, happier I get and I’m looooving my new hair. 

photo-1-47Anyway, I want to write here more this month. I’ll share a recipe, our very delayed summer vacation post and video, maybe a 5 Things J’adore post if I have the chance but on top of these I want to share a new blog challenge for the new year. It won’t be anything super special or unique. The aim is to visit and write here more. I’m planning it to be a combination of a writing and photography challenge because one of my new year resolutions is to take more photos. By the way, if you want to read my fierce thoughts about new year resolutions and goals please go back to 2014 with me. Aaaaand speaking of goals;


Bake cookies We baked cheese crackers, not once but twice!

Movie & Theatre date nights We saw Dr. Strange and we took our parents to the play we saw last month.

Cook Risotto I’m going to try it this month.

Read 3 Books I’m ready for my walk of shame. Ding… Ding…

New Year Card ideas. I came up with a few things.

De-clutter A LOT and organize the rooms. Done


Make new year card. I don’t want it to be a last munite thing.

Movie date night. Too many movies to see in theatres again.

Bake cookies again. This time I want to bake something sweat and easy.

Write down our New Year Resolutions. Mine and for our mutual goals.

Complete 52 Week Challenge and post. Fingers crosse

I wish you a beautiful December.


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