5 Things J’adore

I do want a faux fur coat since I can’t rememer when. Do I have one? No. Why not? Because when I try it I feel weird. I feel like a giant and everyone would stare at me. But when I see another person with a faux fur coat regardless of the size, I adore it. I’ll continue to look for the perfect coat like this one above for instance. 

Aren’t the enamel pins great? Thankfully they are everywhere lately. I have a few but I always forget to put them on. This cute sleepy cat is one of my favorites in my online wardrobe. 

Who would say no to a little pretty blue cloud? Bad news is I have absolutely no idea where I saw this cute little phone case. (After a few days I wrote this post I came up with it finally, Stella McCartney Blue Cloud Iphone Case)

From time to time I become obsessed with a certain colour. This time it’s red. I don’t like red except in nailpolishes and lipsticks. Moreover, I don’t have anything in red. But last month I bought myself a red beanie. Now I want a blood red jumper. Maybe red pants? A beautiful red dress for summer? I’m in for all! Also I wouldn’t say no this beautiful jumper.

Another red piece. This one is “tomato red“. A tomato red francophone tote bag. I take one please!

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