52 week photo challenge

I’ve always thought blog challenges are great ways to engage not only with your own blog but also with other bloggers out there. I’ve found many great blogs through various challenges (writing challenges, photography challenges, drawing challenges etc.). So I made one. I mean, I looked a lot of challenges, choose and  gathered together the ones I liked. I didn’t want it to be a daily challenge because I’ve never been able to stick to one on daily basis. I thought posting once a week is very moderate and less stressful :) I called it a “photo challenge” but if you want to write a few words, it would be nice and I’ll totally run the challenge this way; photo&writing. There isn’t a specific time of the week to post, it can be anytime you like. I wrote a weekly calender down incase not to be confused by dates. Also you can manipulate it as you wish. It can be an Instagram challenge as well as a blog challenge. You can interpret the challenge, you don’t have to post “mot a mot” meaning of it. In other words, you can post what the content brings to your mind, what it reminds you. 

Well, after writing the word “challenge” 14 times, I guess I’m ready to start. I hope it reaches to many people.



Week 1: 02-08 January You, at the beginning

Week 2: 09-15 January What’s cooking?

Week 3: 16-22 January National Hug Day!

Week 4: 23-29 January Outside

Week 5: 30 January- 05 February What’s playing right now?

Week 6: 06- 12 February A morning routine

Week 7: 13-19 February It’s dinner time!

Week 8: 20-26 February From where I stand

Week 9: 27 February- 05 March In my cup

Week 10: 06-12 March Books

Week 11: 13-19 March Something Sweet

Week 12: 20-26 March On the shelf

Week 13: 27 March-02 April Favorite time of the day

Week 14: 03-09 April Everyone loves weekends

Week 15: 10-16 April 11 a.m.

Week 16: 17-23 April Words

Week 17: 24-30 April Something Pink

Week 18: 01-07 May Spring is on!

Week 19: 08-14 May Black and white

Week 20: 15-21 May Pancakes!

Week 21: 22-28 May #OOTD

Week 22: 29 May-04 June Something new

Week 23: 05-11 June Favorite spot at home

Week 24: 12-18 June Draw something

Week 25: 19-25 June Blur

Week 26: 26 June-02 July Flowers

Week 27: 03-09 July On the road

Week 28: 10- 16 July I made this!

Week 29: 17-23 July Summer is in the air!

Week 30: 24-30 July 11 p.m.

Week 31: 31 July-06 August Favorite book so far

Week 32: 07-13 August Out and about

Week 33: 14-20 August Your breakfast

Week 34: 21- 27 August Afternoon

Week 35: 28 August-03 September Favorite mug

Week 36: 04-10 September Something old

Week 37: 11-17 September Fruitzzzz

Week 38: 18-24 September What are you watching?

Week 39: 25 September-01 October Remembering last year?

Week 40: 02-08 October Mirror mirror on the wall…

Week 41: 09-15 October Anything

Week 42: 16-22 October Beautiful light

Week 43: 23-29 October  Keep calm and eat your lunch

Week 44: 30 October-05 November To-do list

Week 45: 06-12 November Cold already?

Week 46: 13-19 November Flashback Friday

Week 47: 20-26 November A good habit

Week 48: 27 November-03 December Highs of the week

Week 49: 04-10 December A night routine

Week 50: 11-17 December Who doesn’t like junk food?

Week 51: 18-24 December Winter days

Week 52: 25-31 December You, at the end. 

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