Farewell 2016


…But I want to remember 2016 as a year that I say “Magic does really happen!” And I hope magic finds you too in 2016.

This was what I wrote one year ago today. Well, it wasn’t a “magical year”, *globally speaking* I guess we all agree on that. But I think it would be so selfish to ignore the good things. This is my personal end of year post so I’ll be only talking about my year in my personal perspective.

2016 literally rocked my world. Especially during the second half. So it was kind of magical and special for me. I experienced things that I had never imagined before, things that seemed to me impossible or even real. I’m so thankful for every single one and looking impatiently for the new ones that this journey will bring me. 


I learnt in 2016 that home is not a place, is not a city. It’s seriously where and with whom you are happy. Although Ankara makes me happy and I love living here more after three and a half years, as long as we are together with Mr. T. time or space don’t matter :)

Memories… We had good ones, fun ones, sad ones… My grandma dediced to leave in 2016. She caught us off guard. You are missed Nena, we love you. 

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. There’s nothing much to say, I love him to death.

We had chance to travel, hoping to have more in 2017. We ate well. The best year when it comes to clean eating and healthy living. We became more concsience about our health, read a lot, learnt a lot. 


2016 movies, actually favorite movies we watched in 2016; Song of the Sea, The Danish GirlCaptain Fantastic, Relatos Salvajes… The list can go on and on. Animal Kingdom, West World, The Night Of and Narcos were our favorite series but personally Mozart in The Jungle is totally in my all time top three. 

At the beginning of the year I made a reading challenge in Goodreads, which I miserably failed; I’ve read 21 of 36 books, 5000 pages. My favorites among them are The Power of Now by Echart Tolle, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. FranklGormenghast by Mervyn PeakeYou Are Here: A Portable History of the Universe by Christopher Potter and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. 

I listened the shit out of Spotify this year so I guess that’s why they didn’t send me the “your year in music” mail this year. I can’t imagine a day without music. 


This was our year. And I’m beyond thankful for everything it brought me. I’m thankful for each day of it. I’m thankful I spent it with my family and beautiful people. I love myself, I love my life and I love 2016. And I believe strongly that 2017 will be even more magical and wonderful. I wish everyone a happy and peaceful year and hope the new year brings you what you look for, what you need. 



3 thoughts on “Farewell 2016

  1. Ben güzel bir şey bulamadım bu yıldan.
    Komple ignore ettim gitti :/
    Üst modelini deneyeceğiz bakalım 40 dakika sonra.
    Herhalde çok daha az kötü olur…mu dersin ?

    İyi seneler !

  2. Güzel dileklerde bulunduk,
    Yenisi -2017- güzel olsun dedik;
    Ama yine lanet ve kara bulutlar sardı dört bir yanı.
    Eğlence için gittikleri yerde insanların katledilmesi…
    Dünya korkunç bir yer.

  3. Dünya hep korkunçtu zaten onda hemfikirim. Ama şartlar ne olursa olsun iç huzurumuzu korumak zorunda oldugumuzu düşünüyorum her zaman. Misal sana verilen lutuflar, sahip oldugun nimetler, bir evinin olması, karnının doyması, bir günde binlerce kez farkında bile olmadan alıp verdigin nefes… Yerinde olmak isteyen milyonlarca insan var. Yeni yıl, yeni hafta, yeni gün… Zaman zaten bir aldatmaca. Benim için önemli olan bu güzel dünyada -ki hala güzelliklerini görmeyi başarabildiğim için kendimle de gurur duyuyorum- geçirecegim vakiti hem kendim hem digerleri için en iyi ve en verimli şekilde değerlendirmek.
    Ps. Meditasyonu hala şiddetle öneriyorum.

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