December 2016


Yaaaay! The first post of 2017! Now what? Well, nothing. It’s almost mid-month and I can finally write December 2016 recap. When I start a month fast, it’s always impossible for me to remember how the previous one started. But one thing I can clearly remember is the snow.

At the beginning of the month we visited my parents because my father had a tiny operation. It was on the sixth of December and it was the coldest day ever in my life. The following days were not different, snow never left so I was generally at home, rarely left the house apart from feeding the cats.

Normally, we don’t exchange gifts in new year time but I got super lucky this time and recieved beautiful gifts from my sweetheart, my mom and my sister image  I loved them all but there’s one among them which I was dying to have but couldn’t find anywhere. It’s Dr. Michael Greger‘s book; How Not To Die. I’m reading a long article right now but as soon I’m done with it, I’ll not only read but also study this book.

I loooooove socks. Some women are into shoes, some are into bags or jewelry or make-up. I’m into socks. I’m sooo into socks that when I see a pair I like, I start shaking Do you know someone who likes to take photos of her socks and enjoys looking at them? Or make them Pc wallpapers? Yes you do, you are reading her blog at the moment… My mom knows me and gave me a few glittery pairs. They are so beautiful that I don’t have the heart to wear them. Also, I was lucky enough to be gifted the cutest bag (from my sister) and my dream sneaker boots (also from my sweetheart)

Another amazing gift I recieved was my Dr. Scheller’s BDIH approved, 100% natural, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral oils and parafen free, silicon free, sulphates free, acetone free, colorant free, glycol free and PEG free face serum and cream. They. Are. Amazing. It’s really hard to find both natural and cruelty free skin care products here in Turkey. I have no desire to put all of those chemicals on my face or body or to support non cruelty-free companies directly or indirectly. So it was just what I needed. You can read a detailed post about cruelty-free cosmetics here.

December means end of the year so that means end of a planner. I bought my new planner for 2017. I guess this was my 8th planner. Sometimes, I browse through them and I feel like I was somebody else 4 years ago.

When Mr. T left for his monthly business trip, I devoted myself to movies. I watched Avril et Le Monde Truqé, Le Petit Prince, The Lobster, Flipped. Also we watched Nerve, The Nice Guys, Up, Captain Fantastic and Relatos Salvajes. Plus, we had a movie date night and saw Arrival. I loved the movie (Arrival) but caught Mr. T snoozing a few times. After watching time travel movies, it’s our tradition to discuss the phenomenon in details. I remember drawing the plot after we watched Predestination. Yes, we take time travel very seriously.

By the way, we finished watching the second season of Mozart in The Jungle and planning to start a new one. Any suggestions?

And New Year’s Eve. We were at home. We had a nice dinner out, came home and spent a cosy and calm evening together with a little red wine.

This year, I sure made new year resolutions. Actually I make them  constantly. In addition to my personal resolutions, this year I also made everyday plain ones like, I decided to use my Actifry more. It was a wedding gift and I only used it once or twice and put it aside. I want to finish my online courses, three of them! An important one; I’ll grow my bangs out. Yes, after 3000 years I decided to grow them out. I want to read more, workout more, travel more and eat super healthy more. 

This was our last month of 2016. I again wish you all a happy new year and a beautiful month. 2016 11 28 09 42 42 23 Otaku dog emoji gifs dog emoticons dog emoji

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