52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 2: 09-15 January What’s cooking?


I don’t like red meat. I sometimes eat meatballs and sometimes hamburgers, that’s it. Since I was a kid I’ve had this tasteless relationship with meat. My mother used to say, I’d end up with a butcher. I think she cursed me because my dear husband is the most carnivorous man you can possibly meet. This was what Mr. T cooked for himself for a Sunday dinner at home.  I, on the other hand, feel like the herbivore queen   

For the last few years I’ve read (and keep reading) a lot about human nutrition. I want to find the best and the right way possible for me to nourish my body. During November I cut dairy out of my diet for one month. Why did I do it? First of all the things I read and learnt about dairy was seriously scary. Secondly, I wanted to observe my body and see what would happen. No milk, no cheese, no yogurt for 30 days. The results were amazing. I’ve always had itchy throat whenever I eat cheese or yogurt. It’s completely gone. My skin had never been better in my entire life. One of those days, I remember Mr. T saying that my skin was glowing. And my digestion process improved significantly. Lastly, I see that I’m not addicted to cheese. On the contrary, my view on cheese has pretty changed. I was not a huge milk fan and as I quit drinking coffee in October, I consume very little amount of it since then. I can say I’m one step closer to a vegan life.

What I want to say is, nutrition is super important and good nutrition is the key to a good physical and mental health. You shouldn’t apply to your life what was dictated to you for years. We all must know and observe our bodies, we must learn to listen to it and take good care of it. The most important thing to lead a good life is not your job or how much you earn, not how you look either, it’s your  HEALTH

Take good care of yourself and don’t eat meat.chinesefontdesign.com 2017 01 10 18 06 50 12 Single cartoon cat emoji gifs free download cat emoticons cat emoji


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