5 Things J’adore



I can totally spend the entire winter season in these simple but admirable pullovers!  With a pair of comfortable jeans and sneakers, I can be unstoppable! If only they didn’t cost 440 Euros each… Seen here.


I don’t and have never thought in my life that everything is awful, even in my darkest times. But this mug can easily be my favorite mug because I love simple sarcasm. That might seem weird from time to time because I laugh harder more than anyone else in the room to these plain sarcastic jokes or situations. Anyway, this could also be a beautiful t-shirt print. Seen here.handbag












I’ve seen this on a t-shirt before and thought it was really cool but to be honest this handbag is way more cooler. Although I’m not into and not used to handbags, for the sake of the old times I used to give a fuck, I could give it a shot. Seen here.hold-the-door

Yes… I know you cry a little everytime you hear or see this. I know your heart is broken. I can hear your quiet inner sobbings. Fuck you Bran! Everything was all your fault! I hate you! Seen here.cookie

Puzzles+Cookies+Fresh Ginger Tea can sum up my snowy winter days. So I guess it’s understandable why I adore these cookie cutters. I really want them :( Seen here.

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