52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 3: 16-22 January National Hug Day!

Today is National Hugging Day! Not in our nation but that’s ok. It’s a shame if you pass this opportunity!

Though it’s not recognized in our country, it’s suggested to be changed from “National” to “International” as it’s recognized by many countries worldwide. It was created by Kevin Zaborney from Michigan, America. He created this day because he thought Americans were too embarrassed to show their feelings in public. I guess this remark is no more in existence… Me on the other hand has never been embarrassed to express my feelings publicly. I mean no PDAs or else but for instance if I hear a familiar song playing in grocery store, I stop and start to dance with my husband with no shame or if he doesn’t paying attention to me for the last 40 seconds, I pretend to faint in the middle of the street :) Predictably, he is not as comfortable as I am and immediately tries to get everything back to normal. But seeing that smile on his face makes everything worth it. Well, that’s was your daily dose of smoochy poochies. Go and hug someone today. I hope “that someone” hugs you back even tighter.


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