Good Food Good Mood

Last week I cooked pumpkin soup for the first time. We liked it but it didn’t turn out to be an essential dish for us. Then I remembered my list back in 2013. (⇒my 12 recipes list) and made another one. This time I’ve choosen 15 recipes and as you can see they are mostly for my sweet tooth and my carb cravings. There are recipes in the list that I’ve never tried before like Eccles cake, brussesls sprouts or makki di roti, as well as recipes I enjoy to the death like alfajores, ravioli and corn bread; recipes that I love but never tried to cook or bake myself at home. About that “ultimate shortbread” recipe, I. LOVE. SHORTBREADS. I bake them everytime but I really want to find the perfect taste with the exact measurements and method. 

Seriously, even writing this post makes me drool. I hope they turn out well so I can share here.

15recipes-copy copy


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