52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 5: 30 January- 05 February What’s playing right now?


I always say, since 2012, November 2012 to be exact, I’ve litterally started to work on myself. One thing I can surely say is it’s not easy and it does not have an end. It’s a constant, compelling, never-ending and a bottomless process. At least, this is what I’ve been experiencing. 

One of the hardest things I’ve been working on is my emotional reactivity from time to time. I’ve never been a total reactive person but there were -and still are- some situations or behaviours that make me angry, feel uncontrolled and even unhappy. I used to blame circumstances, conditions as well as the people. And one day I decided I didn’t want to be like this anymore and I started to work on myself and understand myself and people better. 

Music has always been my happy place. I use the word “place” because seriously music always takes me somewhere else no matter where I am at that moment. We are all aware of the incredible benefits of music on human body and brain. It reduces stress, improves memory, lowers blood pressure… etc. And I always say, a day without music, any music, is an unhappy day for me. Well, I think that was a problem. Because I want to come to a place where my happiness has nothing to do with worldly ties, where my happiness doesn’t depend on anything at all. I want my happiness to come from my inside. 

I loooove listening to music and don’t get me wrong, I will never ever quit listening to music or anything. It’ just not the first thing I do anymore when I wake up to boost my mood or “start a good day”. Because I am now aware that every single day that I can open my eyes to is a good day, regardless of the music, the weather or anything else.

Of course there was music background while I was writing this post. But this week’s title reminded me another great song.


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