52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 6: 06- 12 February A morning routine

  I know, for some people “routine” is a scary word.  Some are totally “anti-routine” and are kind of allergic to routine life but I’m 100% opposite of these people. I’m the person of routines. I like making plans, I like schedules and I love my routines and personal rituals. I love living with them. After all, everyone knows the best for herself/himself.

  When I question myself about why I love routines, the first thing comes into my mind is that I feel relaxed. Why relaxed? Because I feel away from the chaos of everyday life and I feel secure. This may sound boring to some people but we have to admit, we are creatures of habits; good or bad. And to be honest, creating routines and making habits have made me to be able to know myself fully; my strengts, my weaknesses, what I’m capable of etc. for all these years. 

  My time is the most valuable thing for me after my health. I have a hard time tolerating things, events or people of whom I think wasting my time. My routines make me feel I have the control of my daily flow and my time, thus I feel more productive. 

   And when it comes to my morning routine, I can say it’s the most important part of my day. I’m not religiously stick to it. I mean I love waking up early but some mornings I sleep till 09:30 or 10:00, I love having healthy breakfasts but some days I eat pancakes and nutella, skip my skincare routine and watch cartoons and series all day if I feel like it. It’s rare but it happens.

  Everyone is different. Some people start the day by making their coffee, some start with a shower while some start with an workoutroutine; whatever helps them to start the day pleasantly. Mine starts with waking up, making breakfast for my husband, sending him off to work. But then my “me time” starts and my real morning routine kicks off. The first thing I do is not  making my cup of coffee, not taking a shower or cleaning my face or reading; It’s praising and praying. For me, it’s a great way to start my day “aware” and grateful. 

Here’s  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s daily routine which he mentioned in a letter he wrote to his sister in 1782, found in the book Letters Of Mozart by Hans Mersmann.


At six o’clock in the morning I have my hair dressed, and have finished my toilet by seven o’clock. I write till nine. From nine to one I give lessons. I then dine, unless I am invited out, when dinner is usually at two o’clock, sometimes at three, as it was to-day, and will be to-morrow at Countess Zichi’s and Countess Thun’s. I cannot begin to work before five or six o’clock in the evening, and I am often prevented doing so by some concert; otherwise I write till nine o’clock. I then go to my dear Constanze, though our pleasure in meeting is frequently embittered by the unkind speeches of her mother, which I will explain to my father in my next letter. Thence comes my wish to liberate and rescue her as soon as possible. At half-past ten or eleven I go home, but this depends on the mother’s humor, or on my patience in bearing it. Owing to the number of concerts, and also the uncertainty whether I may not be summoned to one place or another, I cannot rely on my evening writing, so it is my custom (especially when I come home early) to write for a time before going to bed. I often sit up writing till one, and rise again at six.

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