January 2017



Snow, snow, snow, ice, cold, snow. Pretty much the summary of January 2017. Oh and the flu but thankfully not us. 

After welcoming the new year, we packed our bags and took the first road trip of the new year on the very first day 2017. We went to our parents because my parents were sick and because Mr. T was off duty and finally found the time to visit his own parents. After 4 days of intense care, we came back home. Hooome, sweet home…

The next thing we did was visiting our dentists. One of our new year resolutions is NEVER, EVER NEGLECT YOUR TEETH. So just before the new year, we went to a dental check-up and had our teeth cleaned. The next week we both needed little operations. We had it all done, took the next appointment until after six months and bought our dream powered brushes the same day. I’ll talk about it later.

The next, next thing was Mr. T.’s birthday. After having a nice diner, we celebrated it together at home. A delicious cake, candles, that table and those chairs; it’s just become our tradition. And I loooove these little traditions of ours.image

And then, the rest of the month was spent mostly at home. Except the night we went to the Presidential Symphony Orchestra concert. We had the chance to listen Yevgeni Sudbin, a Russian pianist with the Australian conductor Matthew Corey. It was the first time I listened the PSO and it was really magical and definitely it was not the last time. 

Other than concert and birthday nights, January was all about puzzles, cookies and ginger tea. We finished 2 puzzles. One was one of my favorite paintings by Botticelli, The Birth of Venus. This made me remember that since Allegory Of Sight, I didn’t share anything about my favorite paintings. So a new post is on its way. 


Aaannd cookies. I baked shortbread -again-. I mentioned in one of previous posts that I want to find the perfect recipe for shortbreads. So I try and try and try… But last Sunday we made Danish Aebleskivers for breakfasts and they were amazing. I’ll also share the recipe in coming days. It wasn’t a good month when I think of all the junk food we ate. 

As we spent a lot of time at home, we watched a lot. We rewatched -are you ready?- The Lord Of The Rings. Yes 10 hours in front of the TV and it was great. Then we decided to make a list of the movies we watched and forgot or want to watch again. So we rewatched Minority Report. Yes, I know Tom Cruise but I really really liked that movie back in 2002! I want to see The Matrix Trilogy. Believe it or not I seriously  can’t remember it. We also watched The Groundhog Day from our “It’s a shame we haven’t watched it yet Movie List” 

The winner of this month was the series, not movies nor books. Just in 2 or 3 days, I finished watching the first season of Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency. If you are familiar with Douglas Adams, you know what I’m talking about. But it’s not the British version, it’s -with my own expression- the Elijah Wood version. It was great. It’s a must-watch, must-read, must-everything. Then another very good series came up, The OA. After finishing the first season, while reading the reviews I saw that people either liked it or hated it. We loved it! I think it’s irrelevant but they say if you like The Stranger Things, you’d probably like The OA. But for me, The OA > The Stranger Things.

Anyway, this was our month. It’s almost mid February and so far so good. I hope the rest of it to be healthy, calm, and in peace.

2 thoughts on “January 2017

  1. Ben hala CSO’yu izlemedim. Bilkent Senfoni Orkestra’sını çok kereler dinledim ama öbürüne gidemedim maalesef. Hatta o minik kırmızı binasına bile bir kere girdim. Kronos Quartet konseri için girmiştim.

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