Danish Æbleskiver



Last month I posted my 15 recipes list and just a few days later we decided to try Danish Æbleskiver for a sweet sunday breakfast. They are also called “pancake puffs” or “appleskive“. It’s said that Danish men originated it in Viking days. Legend has it that after one of a hard battle of Vikings in Atlantic coasts, the Viking men returned to their ships and were hungry and wanted to eat. Flour and milk were the only thing they got so they mixed it but they had nothing to cook the batter other than their dented shields. So they greased their shields and cooked the pancakes by using them as a frying pan and that was how aebleskivers were born. 


The recipe is super easy but you need a special pan ⇒ “Æbleskiver pan” to cook. Luckily my waffle machine has cake pop kit and I used it for the first time in honour of the good old Vikings. But I’m sure the batter can be cooked in a normal pan in pancake form. Here’s what you’ll need;

  • 280 gr Flour
  • 2 eggs (egg whites and yolks must be seperated
  • 2 tsp powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder 
  • 480 gr butter milk ( I couldn’t find butter milk anywhere so I made it at home and it’s super easy. You mix two tablespoon of vinegar to your 480 gr milk, give it a stir and wait for 5-10 minutes and your buttermilk is ready!)



Making the batter is as predicted; you mix everything except the egg whites, beat the egg whites until foamy and add them to the mixture gently. Oil the pan and cook your puffs. As I mentioned above, if you don’t have the pan cook the batter like you cook pancakes. I’m sure it works. Bon appétit!




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