52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 7: 13-19 February It’s dinner time!

My favorite meal of the day is by far the breakfast. I try not to skip my lunch or my snacks but sometimes I skip dinner if I gorge myself in previous meals or day. I strongly believe fasting on occasions like after a weekend carb load, is so beneficial for my health, particularly for my digestive system. Actually if you have any idea about the amount of the energy your digestive system uses, giving a break to your body seems crucial. 

We mostly eat our dinners at home but generally dine out at the weekends. The one thing I like about eating out is the “chat part“. At home it’s a bit different. Of course we talk and have a chat at the table -specifically around the kitchen table- but when we are out, we always end up sitting at that table, talking about something serious or analyzing a situation. You know, those deep conversations, spirit talks…  This does not occur very often at home because after we finish eating, it’s time to clean up and then starts the newspaper or movie time. We usually talk about the day and enjoy one another’s company. 

There’s a Spanish word I really love; Sobremesa

I think that sums up what I want to tell and relate. But also there’s one other saying I swear by with all my heart; 

It’s Not What’s On The Table That Matters, It’s Who’s In The Chairs.

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