February 2017


Here we are welcoming the first month of spring 2017, leaving the dark, brutal winter behind. I thought it’d never end…

photo-3-54We spent the calmest month for the last 6 months I guess. I’ve never felt this much “domestic” before. I’ve been really ingenious and was the conqueror of the kitchen. First, at the beginning of the month we had a guest for dinner, a colleague of Mr. T and I cooked a few dishes which I hadn’t cooked for a long while. And then I was unstoppable. Well, I’m clearly a little exaggerating but It feels weird that I have this urge to cook and bake. 

The winner of the kitchen this month was bread. I baked my first bread; sourdough bread exactly. It was so good, we devoured it like in two days. Considering we only eat bread for breakfast, it was real fast. Then I baked a second recipe from my 15 recipes list, corn bread. It. Was. So. Good. Finger licking good. Then we made shortbreads again, not only once but twice. On top of that, in the second time I doubled the ingredients and we almost made 50 cookies. The kitchen was like the cookie heaven. Then I cooked a few surprise dishes for him. I cooked a recipe with meatballs. I mean MEATballs. This does not happen often so it was a big surprise. Lastly, for the first time I made home made hummus and to be honest it was a pain in the ass because I had to peel 500 grams of chickpeas one by one! But it was worth it. See? It doesn’t sound like me, I know but I’m not complaining, neither is my lovely husband. 

As well as cookie nights, a few DIY projects took place during February. We enjoyed them so much that we made some plans for March. Now that I have a hot glue machine, nothing can stand on my way.

photo-1-69In between these sudden cooking&baking adventures, we started juicing. A documentary inspried us so for one week, we ate much the same during the day but for dinner we drank fresh veggie and fruit juice. We decided to do this once in a while especially if we are planning to eat inhumanly at the weekends. 

One thing unusual about February was; WE WENT OUT! The last time we went out was in summer time, I suppose. And I drank almost a large glass of beer but I can’t remember the last time I drank, it was months and months ago. Alsooo, we discovered a very nice place and went there for a sunday breakfast. I don’t like to have breakfast somewhere other than home but this place won my heart. Eventually, with the upcoming spring and sunny days, we decided to go out more and discover more tasty places.

Other than these details, we were mainly at home as it was still cold. Last month we did a long movie marathon in addition to really good series but this month we only watched War Dogs. Plus, we saw Split (great movie btw!) in our movie date night.  We watched a documentary Fat, Sick & nearly Dead, the one I mentioned above. I love watching health documentaries because they can be real eye openers sometimes. We also finished the first season of Travelers. I seriously have no idea why we continued to watch it. Though I found the story interesting, the show runs somehow in a “dull” and boring way. My personal favorite, How to Get Away With Murder came back to screen. I adore this show! It is about to do a season finale so I need to find myself a new series. I tried Sensitive Skin for old Sex&The City time sake’s but it didn’t appeal to me. So my hunt goes on, any suggestions?

Anyway, last month I couldn’t talk about books because I was reading a long self-help book and when I read this genre, it takes time. I finally finished reading it; Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins and started a long-awaited book; Death with Interruptions by José Saramago. I noticed that I haven’t been reviewing a book since The Magus in 2014! Maybe it’s time for one after reading such an amazing book. After finishing it, I started to read a Turkish novel Aylak Adam by Yusuf Atılgan

This was how our February 2017 looked like. For March I wrote down some goals. I want to bake and cook more but also continue to juicing. I want to see the sequel of the juicing documentary; Fat, Sick&Nearly Dead 2. I want to start spending more time outside and witness the spring invasion. I want to read. I want to read outside. I want to find some good coffee shops and read there. I miss my family, I want to see them asap.  

deneme-2These are my little plans for this beautiful month. I hope you have good ones and you go and carry out them. Have a healthy and amazing month!

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