I’m having a good hair day!

I finally did it, dyed my hair to jet black! I’ve been thinking about it since last fall because first, although I’m in love with copper hair, it is really hard to maintain especially in summer time. It fades so quickly. When the discoloration begins, hair ends start to turn blonde, the roots remain more vibrant so the tone becomes uneven. Secondly, I’ve been using copper hair for 3 years now and for someone like me who likes to play with her hair it’s a long time. And lastly, change is good and change is fun! You know what they say; Life is too short to have boring hair!

I’m soooo ready for spring and summer 2017. If you are thinking about a hair change and looking for a sign, this is it! Just do it. I’m feeling perfect and in love with my new self though it sounds a little narcissistic but I can’t help it. I love myself and my new look♥ 

I’ll spend this weekend alone again because Mr. T is having a weekend getaway with his friends. I’ve made my plans; reading, watching, cooking and a little shopping. 

Hope you have a nice and smooth weekend!


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