Meet Carlos

The newest addition to our family, our precious girl. And yes her name is Carlos.

Her story is kinda long. Through the end of last summer, I started to see her around our neighborhood. She was so friendly and playful. She started to visit our building more because a few residents including us had been feeding her. As it was getting cold, she began to enter the building.When the snow hit Ankara, she didn’t want to get out. One sunday morning, when we were just about to leave the house I heard her meow and opened the door. She entered grumbling and like it’s her house. Then she started to crash at our hallway. She was out during the day if the weather is fine and in our place in the evening. 

One day I heard from our doorman that some assholes in our building didn’t want this cutie to enter. They decided to take her away to another neighborhood. I cried for two days. I wrote and phoned everyone I know to find a good home for her, someone good to adopt her. I informed even people I don’t know as I was feeling really desperate. I went to the residents of the building, went to their door, talked to them. And that question; Why don’t you adopt her? 

Because I’m allergic to cat hair (I know it’s not the hair itself, it’s the protein and shit bla bla bla). Anyway, if you are not allergic to something or don’t know someone who is a allergy victim or not a doctor or expert your opinion is not needed, just know that.

We decided to get her spayed just to increase her chance to be adopted. Then the nightmare begins. Her incision got infected because of this asshole vet. He didn’t use an elizabethan collar, just a little plaster and it was taken off when we went to take her. The incision was swollen and she was having hard time using her legs. When I asked he said it was normal, she just took an antibiotic shot and this was the cause. We came home, she was cheerless. As the vet said we decided to gave her time. The next morning was awful. She didn’t eat anything, just sit under the couch eyes closed and I knew she was in pain. The incision was even bigger. I called the vet and told the situation, he said if she is not vomiting, everything is fine. I called my sister and sent her the photos and told everything. She asked her own vet in Istanbul and he said take her to the vet immediately. We went to the Cat Hospital in Ankara that evening and the following 13 days. They started to a treatment with antibiotics and by discharging the infected area. It was heart breaking. Every single night for 13 days, it was horrible. 

For 20 days now, we are at home, not going to the vet. She is doing much much more better. We have a control visit next week. She is getting used to living with us and we are also. The first week was very difficult for me because I thought I had a sore throat. Then I realised I was feeling good in the morning and getting worse through the day. I then understood that it was my allergic reaction. Normally I sneeze, have a runny nose and sometimes I cough but this time all of those didn’t happen, it directly effected my throat. It happens to me when I eat red  fruit especially blackberry. Yes, I have food allergies, too. I’m taking pills daily. We found a doctor, an allergist and are going to visit him soon. 

I forgot to mention that I recived at least 10 phone calls from people who wanted to adopt her before her surgery. I couldn’t say yes. I just couldn’t. She was meant to be our little girl. I’m so sorry she had to go all through this. But as I promised her from the beginning, I found her a home where she will be loved and will be happy and I did. We love her and extremely happy to be taking care of her. The adventure has just begun :)


6 thoughts on “Meet Carlos

  1. “She entered grumbling and like it’s her house.” Kedi davranışı :)).

    Okurken duygulandım çünkü evdeki kedimin hikayesine benziyor biraz. Kaza geçirince mecbur biz onu sahiplendik, ameliyat yaptırdık, evde baktık, sonra yuva aradık olmadı.derken tabii bizde kaldı. Nasıl bırakacaksın ki sonra ? Gecelerini paylaşıyorsun. Bir tarafı yara içİNDe. Canı acıyor, ilgilenmeye çalışıyorsun vs. Kediler ameliyat sonrası haliyle çok keyifsiz olabiliyor. Mesela kaza sonrası geçirdiği ameliyatlarda sessizce öyle yatıyordu. Kısırlaştırdık, yine aynı hikaye başladı, halsizlik ve keyifsizlik. Ne diyeyim, hoşgeldi Carlos, son resimdeki patilerinden öperiz :)

  2. Ah canım yaa, kıyamam ona ben. Ne güzel olmuş kalmış oh :) Hepsi iyi olsun. Geçen gün öğrendim ki tek girdiği ev bizimkisi değilmiş. Milletin evine girip kedisini falan tokatlamış çakal. Ama yine de bir prenses kendisi. O patiler artık bol bol burada görülebilecek.🐾

  3. What an adorable cat. That is just far from the stray cats I see here in our place. Carlos looks so elegant! Like it is a model cat!:)

    ~Be good to your parents Carlos! Your mom is enduring her allergies just for you.

  4. You should see my sister’s cats. All of them are stray cats but one of them is a cat angel I guess, he is so beautiful but my Carlos is the most beautiful in my eyes <3 You should come and see her someday :)

  5. Maybe you can build a cat cafe with your sister in the future! <3 I'd love to be able to go there. I'll note that in my bucket list. (I must save a lot…)

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