52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 14: 03-09 April Everyone loves weekends

But I don’t if he works during weekends.

Saturday Mr. T was at work. He came home a little early, we cooked dinner and then the suffering began. We organized our little storage room as our new little girl’s place and piled everything to our laundry/workout/office(?) room. So it was time to enter that door and declutter and put everything in order. You can’t imagine the trash and junk we threw away;  6 giant garbage bags and a giant box. In other words my whole past; my high school, college and and postgraduate years… I still feel weird about it but at the same time I’m kinda relieved and lighter. For all those years I’ve never taken those notes or notebooks and taken a look at them. There was no point keeping all those stuff. Actually I’m going to write about it later. And of course I forgot to take photos.

So sunday was ours. We were exhausted but got out of the bed, had breakfast and then took a stroll together. We had a nice dinner. tried a new restaurant and loved it. At night we came home, took the rest of the trash and were just ready to dive into the couch, we remembered that we need to take Carlita to the vet for her vaccine. We came back home, took a shower and just went to sleep and so the weekend was over in the blink of an eye. 

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