52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 17: 24-30 April Something Pink

Two things are going to happen this summer:

1.I’ll wear more colourful pieces

2. I’ll definetely wear high heels.

Lately I realized I kept wearing the same colours again and again. I’ve been buying pieces of the same color scheme; mostly dark and neutral colours. But I want to change this routine. Two weeks ago while we were shopping with my mum and sister I saw this cardigan. I liked it but didn’t see the courage in me to buy and wear it. I mean not the courage but I remember saying myself “no not that far”. But to be honest I was wearing brighter colours than this a few years ago. I know age has an effect on our colour preferences but I’m not 60 yet so this has to change.

Colour psychology is an interesting and controversial subject, especially for marketing, branding and advertising. There are many facts like; yellow is liked mostly by children, but preference tends to decrease as age increases. Blue, green, and violet are favorable colors throughout most of the age groups. As people mature they prefer color of shorter wavelength (blue, green, violet) rather than colors of longer wavelength (red, orange, yellow). In Feng -Shui, colour selection is a very important element of shifting energies in your home. Colour has an important effect in our lives more than you think. 

So why “something pink”?

Pink is my favorite colour. Most people don’t like pink and I have no idea why. I guess because it’s thought to be a “girly colour”? I love every single shade of pink. For me it’s  calming and fun. I don’t really own pink pieces in my wardrobe or at home because I like little touches of it like in my accessories. But when I came up with this cardigan I said why not? A super bright yellow and even brighter pink; deadly combo. I still have no idea how to put this cardigan together with my other clothes but I’ll try. 

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