April 2017


I’ll remember April 2017 as the month that spring depression hit me. I hate self-diagnosis but I guess I have S.A.D.;seasonal affective disorder. Every single year, in the same time range I start to have the same symptoms. Thank God I’m feeling much more better for a few days now. But during April, I wasn’t in my best mood.

Actually in the beginning of the month I was feeling good. I went to visit my parents with my sister and we had a nice family weekend together. I cooked and baked. We mostly ate out but I also tried a few new recipes at home. I cooked spinach lazania and I’m sorry I can’t be humble about it. It was over the top; one of the best dishes I’ve cooked so far in my life. I kept baking bread, we still haven’t bought any market bread, it’s been almost 2 months now. I’m trying different flours and find our favorite. I tried peanut butter cookies for the first time and they were also so delicious and pretty high in calories. I’m doing good about my 15 recipes list

We kept trying new places, one was Carmelo’s Every 7 Day Eat Well for our special lunch day. We rarely but very very rarely have a chance to have lunch together. So this meal was really special for me♥. Then we tried Budakaltı, a nice and calm place with good hamburgers. I again tried hamburgers in Gaga Manjero. We went there before but never have eaten anything, only tried cocktails. But their burgers might be my favorite here in Ankara so far, but I haven’t decided yet. So yes we ate horrible again during April but are very dedicated to change this in May. Heealthy eating or clan eating whatever you name it, makes me feel good and I missed that feeling.

Other than eating, I was at home more often than usual. I didn’t want to go out, didn’t want to engage with people and lost my interest to mostly everything. I’ve found my e-books in my iPad and I read. First, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing aka Konmari Methode by Marie Kondo. I’m planning an honest review about this book here in my blog in coming days. Then I read a very cute illustration book, I Love You with All My Butt!: An Illustrated Book of Big Thoughts from Little Kids by Martin Bruckner. Then came a beautiful photography book; Paris in Bloom by Georgianna Lane. Then I read two short but weird books; Happy Brain: Boost Your Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin & Other Neurotransmitters Naturally, Improve Your Focus and Brain Functions by C. Kancel, D. Fraser -waste of time-, and How to Disappear From The Internet Completely While Leaving False Trails: How to Be Anonymous Online by Raymond Phillips. Also I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve read My Little Pony: Legends of Magic but I also read Where’s My Cow by Terry Pratchett. Lastly I’ve read Diary of a Madman and Other Stories by Nikolai Gogol

Besides all these reading we saw two extraordinarly amazing animations; Le Tableau and Ma vie de Courgette. Just watch them if you haven’t seen yet. We started to watch Shameless again from where we left off, season 4. Also we watched the first movie of Harry Potter series as Mr. T haven’t seen any of them and to be honest I haven’t watched the series completely. No potterheads in this house of ours. A horror movie was on our screen in april after a very long time, Autopsy of Jane Doe. It’s a good one.

I have my monthly goals but I’m feeling too lazy to write them right now. I need to take care of the laundry, our messy kitchen, and have a mountainous laundry waiting to be ironed. I need to go the grocery store and buy some veggies and fruits to juice because we are going to juice tonight. I need to clean the guest room as we had a special guest last week. I need to get up and get moving. 

Have a nice day, a nice week and a nice month!

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