52 week Photo Challenge

Week 19: 08-14 May Black and white

Even sometimes -rarely though- I want to force choke him, he still melts my heart every single time, every single day. Lately we are talking more about relationships and marriages and life… Ours above all. 

For me marriage has never been about the wedding dress, wedding day, honeymoon, etc. although I was super excited about all of those things and the day I got married was one of the best days of my life. And to be honest I want to have another wedding party on our 10th wedding anniversay but it’s a secret, Mr. T doesn’t know about it yet. 

Finding someone with whom I can evolve personally and spiritually is what I’ve always wanted. Because that’s what I witnessed in my parents marriage. We are lucky because we all have easy lives. I bet you would cry If you once listen to my father’s life story or the things they’ve overcome together in their lifetime. But together they made it work. And that was what I wanted; finding that person who I can grow with, who I can connect deeply, who I can learn from and make it work, I can say we’re doing more than good. In fact we’re doing perfect. I have a perfect life. No matter what happens, I have a perfect life because I have him by my side. 

And there’s no enough words or prayers to express my gratitude for these blessings that have come and found me. 

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