May 2017

I can’t believe I haven’t touched my planner for 3 months now. Yes, since March 2017 I haven’t writen even a word on it. Considering my obsession with my planners, this is really weird. But this changes starting from June 2017. 

Yes the whole country is aware that summer hasn’t arrived yet. May 2017 didn’t have the spring vibes either. We had a few sunny and warm days, relatively but most of the days were grey, cold and rainy. What a great combination to boost our mood… Despite these adverse weather conditions, May started nice because my sister came to visit us. She was planning a trip to Ankara and was very eager to meet Carlos so it finally happened. What did we do for four days? WE ATE! The summary of four days in Ankara with my sister, we ate and we did a little shopping in between meals. It was horrible but at the same time soooo liberating haha.

When the weather is shit and you don’t want to go outside, what do you do? I cook, I bake and I read. How unpredictable am I?! First I tried tiramisu with my sister. It was my friend’s recipe and it turned out great! Then I tried cake pops. Sorry but too much work, I prefer buying them from the patisserie across the street. Meanwhile I continued to bake my beautiful and delicious breads. I think I tried every single bread mixture in the market and it’s time to make my own. And suddenly I decided to make strawberry magnolia. And lastly I baked shortbreads (again).

We again tried a few new places to eat which means we again ate out a lot during last month. I mentioned here before that when I eat unhealthy, my skin instantly starts to break; it gets super oily, blackheads start to appear more frequantly then ever, big inflamed pimples come out etc. It’s a proof that no matter how good you take care of your skin, you should take good care of it from inside out. I’ll write about my skin journey here soon. I think you should read it very carefully because I’m almost 35 and no one has guessed my age correctly. Last year someone said that I look 25! If I’m looking 10 years younger, there’s something right I’ve been doing.

I checked my April goals and I saw “plan a weekend getaway”. The only plan we did during May was about the place where we should eat. But we had a Ikea trip, does it count? We did set up a corner for Carlos. Actually it’s not a corner it’s room. Lucky little kitty! I love her so much! 

There’s one day of May 2017 that I’ll never forget. We. Had. Massage. One evening in march, Mr. T came home and surprised me with a spa date –Girls, find yourselves a husband who can surprise you with a spa date-. We couldn’t go in april as I wasn’t in the mood and Mr. T was busy bla bla bla. Finally that day arrived and for 50 minutes I was out of this world. I was waiting for this moment for 5 years because the last time I had massage was when we were in our honeymoon. 

And one of these cold harsh May days, I did book shopping. I bought really amazing books by the way and I’m super excited to read. I was planning to write a book review here but I think it’s not necassary because in my Goodreads account I write a review anyway. I’ve read 2 books during May; Bunner Sister by Edith Wharton and The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life by Helen Palmer. We started to watch This Is Us but we are now taking a break because I cry in every single episode and I can’t take it anymore. So we started and finished watching 13 Reasons Why because everyone was screaming about it. I can’t lie I’m a sucker for teenage drama… We saw the second movie of Mr.Potter; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

I have monthly goals again for June. But the one thing Mr. T and I must do is to workout. We were litterally immobile during the whole winter time and I really feel the need to move. My body aches in the morning and I feel so stiff. We really need to workout and move. And I want to watch Big Little Lies because everyone keeps telling me to. 

I hope you enjoy your unsummery June days. 

2 thoughts on “May 2017

  1. Haha, I guess it’s about balance. After eating all these babies, I switch to my balanced mode, eat healthy and sometimes skip dinners.

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