52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 22: 29 May-04 June: Something new

Last week I bought a swimsuit and I have really solid reasons of my own.

First of all, it’s red and it’s a beautiful red. I wrote here before I’m really into red lately and finding this comfortable one piece really made me happy.

Secondly, I can’t wear bikinis. I’m not comfortable with them at the beach. I can’t swim with them and don’t understand how people can! When I’m in the sea, I dive, I swim fast. It’s impossible for me to do all of these with a pair of bikini. And when I’m at the beach I want to lay down and relax and read my book without worrying of posing, flashing or exposing inappropriately. And to be honest, being sexy at the beach is the last thing I care in a once a year 10 day holiday in which I just want to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Plus, I do think one piece swimsuits are cooler than itty-bitty tiny bikinis. I always did. When I was younger, I adored pin-up swimwear, you know the 50’s style one pieces. To me, they seemed more stylish than those triangle brazilian bikinis. And again, the beach is the last place for me to feel sexy.

Everyone is  different. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want. I don’t care, I don’t judge. For me there’s no such thing as “bikini body”. Wear whatever you want, show how much you need :) It’s up to you. I’m happy and relaxed with my red one piece.

2 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Challenge

  1. With me, I looove bikinis! Maybe because it’s harder to pee with a one-piece swimsuit on. Also, this kind can make me look like a log. So I envy and adore women who looks good in one-piece swimwear. That candy red swimsuit is beautiful. <3

  2. Stop it, there’s no way you’d look like a log. Peeing can be a pain in the ass but I always change my swimsuit and never let it dry on me. So when it’s dry it’s easier I think.

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