52 Week Photo Challenge

I seriously forgot all about my photo challenge. Some days I even forget that I have a blog. Even though I really love writing here, there are times and periods during which I feel zero urge to write. And it’s ok because writing to my blog is not a duty for me. I write whatever I want whenever I want. I’ve been posting since 2009 and I can say summer time is my least active period in posting. So I guess I’ll be back when it starts to get colder.

Week 25: 19-25 June Blur

I haven’t been drinking smoothies for a very long time. A nectarine, 2 small pears, a little yoghurt and a handful of spinach become my breakfast in these hot summer mornings. I am planning a serious detox lately but it seems it’s not going to happen until late September. I want to be fully committed to this detox and I need the most exact timing. So after my birthday, I hope it’ll be the right time. And two months time is more than enough to prepare the ultimate plan for me. Maybe I should post about this detox and my meals to motivate myself when the time comes? We’ll see.

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