July 2017

I know we’re about to welcome September and my “Hello August ” post may seem funny. But I told before that I’m M.I.A during summer time. Let’s get back to the month I barely remember.

Actually I do remember the first day of July. I went to hospital to have my blood tested for a check-up. And they hurt my arm again during blood draw. This time the nurse hit a nerve and I can’t describe the pain I felt. The following 10 days I couldn’t move my arm. So I went to see the doctor and he said it’s not something serious but it takes time to heal, like 3 months! 3 fucking months! Guess what I did? I refused it. I bought a jar of premium b-12 vitamin, started to eat fresh fruits and veggies, sunbath every single day and force myself to use it. After one month, I was swimming in our vacation. Lesson to learn; do not take seriously every single thing your doctors say to you and learn to listen to your body. 

July was mostly calm as I was decicated to heal myself and as Mr. T was on his business trips. I was cooking, hanging out by the pool, reading and watching in my lonely time and when I cathed him, we were out, enjoying the beautiful summer times. 

I tried new recipes this month. I baked garlic knots, very very dangerous when it’s freshly baked. I made “Kısır” for the first time. 

As I was alone for the most part of the month I watched a few good movies, series and documentaries. Passengers (I’m always into space movies), Adoration, Nocturnal Animals and Juste Le Fin Du Monde (which gave me a massive headache of crying so hard). I finished the first season of Santa Clarita Diet and happy to hear there’s going to be a second season. Most people don’t like it but I think it’s funny and absurd enough for me. I also finished the first season of Gypsy and I liked it too. I watched two amazing documentaries; Inner Worlds Outer Words (watched this one with tears in my eyes) and The Spirit Molecule (and watched this one for a second time with Mr. T). 

As I spent a lot of time in front of the black mirror, I could only read one book; ThetaHealing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality by Vianna Stibal

I failed big time about my 52 week photo challenge. I’ll try to keep up with it this week. I prepared my photos, didn’t forget to take them but posting was a pain in the ass while we were on vacation. So in coming days I’ll post about our vacation and weekly challenge. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful July and are having a nice end of summer.

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