52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 33: 14-20 August Your breakfast

During summer time, Mr.T prefers a sandwich to bring to work and eat there. He doesn’t want to have breakfast. Some mornings I wake up sooo hungry if I skip the dinner of previous evening and I drool over his sandwiches. I normally do not eat sandwich for breakfast, I like to have a proper one but last morning I did crave a nice and rich sandwich and I made one. I don’t regret. I’d do it all again if I had the chance.

2 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Challenge

  1. Be glad’i Belgrad okumam fsdfdsfsd. Maalesef hayatımdan her çeşit ekmeği attım. Sandviç demeyin -_-

  2. Hahah gezmeler yetmiyor galiba :) En güzelini yapmışsın, ekmek ve maya hakkında çok fena şeyler okuyorum son zamanlarda.

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