52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 35: 28 August-03 September Favorite mug

I have no idea how old my mug is… But it’s old. Like every 90’s kid, I was obsessed with Ninja Turtles. My friends and I used to play pretend and be ninjas. I always chose Michaelangelo. Again, I used to have a TMNT t-shirt and it was my favorite. On saturday mornings while having breakfast, we used to watch the cartoon and then go out playing in the street.

I remember one specific day that my TMNT t-shirt was on me. We were playing the ground is lava. Fatih was there with us, playing. We were just kids. A few years later, the earthquake took him away. And somehow, the only memory with him that I can I remember is that day. My yellow TMNT t-shirt and playing the ground is lava…

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