September 2017

This September might have disappointed me a little but still it is my favorite month of the year. 

It was time to visit our families due to the religious fest, so we set off on the first day of September. We were back home on the 4th, a day after our sixth wedding anniversary. We had a late dinner together and talked about our 6 years together till next morning. I’m kidding. We spent a lovely autumn evening together, listened to music and walked around the streets. 

The next week AGAIN we packed our bags and went to Istanbul for my not so surprise early birthday party. I turned 35 and I wanted to celebrate it with my family. It was a great night. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel special and wasn’t spoiled that weekend. So 35 started great!

The following 2 weeks were calm and quiet (Thank God!). I was at home and trying to recover from all the unhealthy, shitty, fatty, high carb meals I gulped down during summer 2017. BUT I guess I wasn’t truly committed because we cooked mushroom risotto (Remember my 15 recipes challenge?) and baked my favorite shortbread cookies and pumpkin cake with cheese frosting. They were all good. I’m telling you I know this cooking&baking stuff. 

I said September 2017 dissapointed me a little because my migraine headaches decided to pay a visit to me. So I paid a visit to the doctor’s. That was the reason I couldn’t post my weekly challenge because I tried to stay away from the computer, T.V. and my phone and unfortunately from books. I could only read one book during September; The Door to Enlightenment by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. But we watched the second season of Animal Kingdom and I started to a new animated series; F is For Family and it’s great. I’m on the second season and learnt that there’ll be a third one really soon! 

I guess that’s it for September. I decided to add my most listened song of the month beneath every montly recap and this month’s winner is an amazing cover of  one of favorite songs; Your Woman by GYM. 


Have a great month. 


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