Wise Words

I came up with this post on Instagram this morning. I loooove Instagram. I know many people hate social media nowadays but I love it. I’ll be honest, I think the problem is not social media, it’s the people who use it wrong. 

On Instagram, I only follow 392 accounts to be exact and 47 people follow me and my account is set private. Among those 47 people, I only don’t know a few of them personally. Maybe 4 or 5. Others are my friends and relatives. Also, among the 392 accounts that I follow, I follow back those 47 people and the rest of them are food, animals and motivational accounts. I don’t let someone I don’t know to follow me and I don’t follow back someone just because I met him/her somewhere or just not to hurt his/her feelings. I don’t follow my high school friends. Because I don’t keep in touch with them. I guess I have 2, the ones I really love and talk from time to time. I don’t let my college friends to follow me, I only have just a few because we never talked again after we graduated so what do I do by seeing their families and life? I don’t wonder about them. I wish them well, I hope they are doing great and that’s it. We haven’t cared about each other for years and suddenly an application comes out and becomes popular and tell me why the hell do I start to wonder about their lives, wonder how they’ve been doing  through these years? I maybe have more than 100 follow requests. Most of them are high school/college friends or friends from somewhere and relatives that I haven’t seen for ages. I don’t accept these requests. I don’t need or want their comments or energy. 

So while I’m having my breakfast, going through Instagram makes me happy. Because I’m able to see cute and funny cats and dogs and elephants, I can discover new amazing recipes and try them, I can note places/restaurants to go and try and I can read amazing motivational stuff like this one above that makes me start the day feeling great. 

There’s nothing wrong with social media. People just choose the wrong way to use it.

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