52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 45: 06-12 November Cold already?

I started to wear my beanies in October so I guess it’s not going to look weird if I start to wear my winter gloves in November? Especially during night time…

I’ve just bought this pair, never worn it but you can see it’s already covered in cat hair. Because she is everywhere. In our house, there’s no place forbidden for our cat daughter. She’s allowed to be everywhere, every room. Except the kitchen counter but I’m 100% sure she’s looking up there while we are asleep at night. And the laundry room’s door is always closed because I want the scented air to stay there but when I’m there, hanging out the laundry she can come. She sleeps with us in our bed, One of her favorite spot is in guest room. It’s her house as much as it’s ours.

I don’t understand people who doesn’t let their pets to enter and be in certain places at home. You already limit the animal by taking him/her to a house and to top it all you again limit his/her area. For me it’s not acceptable if it’s not about health issues. But as a person who is super allergic to cat hair, if I can sleep with my cat, sharing the same pillow, believe me you also can. And I hope one day, you’d be treated just as the same way you treat your pets and all animals.

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