52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 48: 27 November-03 December Highs of the week

So many! Where should I start?

I have some really cute socks! I love socks! I’m in love with socks!

Mr. T went to the gym 3 times this week and it was a first and I’m soooo proud. 

 I ate some out of date mushrooms and nothing happened! I’m alive and healthy!

I’ve tried a vegan version of an eggplant recipe. It was damn good we loved it.

Last year, I bought a pair of sneakerboots and they are the most comfortable I’ve worn in my entire life. I’ve looked for same pair in different color but I couldn’t found it no matter what till last week. It was the last pair in my size and I bought it way more cheaper than last year.

We again went to that vegan restaurant I mentioned before. Falafel there steals our hearts 

On Saturday we got up early and went to the gym together with Mr. T. It was also a first after a long time. 

 We decided to stay at home for the new year’s eve, cook and dine at home and just be three of us (for the first time!)

Seriously I can go on and on. Even writing these made my heart beat faster. I’m so grateful for everything I go through in my life. Ups or downs, highs or lows… It doesn’t matter. So so grateful…

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