Hello December

November 2017 started great because starting from the last days of October, Mr. T was off duty and we spent a whole week together. We didn’t want to go anywhere, just wanted to enjoy cosy home days, do the things that waiting to be done for ages.

November was all about home. We didn’t travel to anywhere except a daily trip. Other than that, we were at home, cooking, watching series and movies and playing Xbox. My parents came to visit us and we spent four nice days together. As always, family time is the best.

We did good about eating out once a week, except the days my parents were with us. We tried new recipes and they were all super good. I cooked a vegan version of stuffed eggplants. I also baked pumpkin muffins for the first time. We tried “vegan pepperoni” on a sunday morning and I made toasts with it and vegan cheese, they are amazingly delicious. My vegan wraps are going strong and now Mr. T is also obsessed with them. He insists we should sell them one day. 

This month, as I want to live a wheat-free life, I tried to find some “grain like” alternatives for breakfast. I tried “amaranth” and “teff”. Amaranth has this “earthy flavor” which I hate so there’s no way I try it again no matter what but teff, oh teff, it has my heart Me likey healthy breakfasts. Though we had a few cheats we did eat healthy during November.

It was not a good month in terms of reading. I read a great book, Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives by David Eagleman. Then I started reading Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit by Louis-Ferdinand Céline and I’m still reading it. I hope to finish it in coming days but seriously I feel like I’ve read 1500 pages already. Such and intense novel. The reason I couldn’t read was SKYRIM. I started to play again. Loving to play platform games is a curse and Skyrim is the ultimate damnation. Anyway, I’ll try to read at least two more books before 2017 ends so fingers crossed. 

But we watched TV. A lot. No documentaries… Just pure TV trash…We’ve watched The Glass Castle, The Beguiled. We also finished firt season of Mindhunter, third season of Rick and Morty, second season of Stranger Things. No wonder why I could only read one book… All of these happened when Mr. T was at home for one week. I watched the lastest episodes of my personal favorite; How To Get Away With Murder

Now I need to go back to kitchen to try a home made ketchup recipe I found on the internet. December started nice. I kinda find crumbs of motivation to write here. I even kept up with my weekly photo challenge. I’m looking for a new theme for my blog and also thinking about another weekly challenge for the next year. 

I hope you are having a nice “the last month of the year”. 


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