52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 50: 11-17 December Who doesn’t like junk food?

I wish the answer is “me” but sadly I love junk food. For the last couple of months I’ve been dedicated to change my diet and I’m feeling that I’m doing good but I want to write about it later. But there are days that I gave in and I surrender myself to the comfort of junk food and I have no idea why. Somehow I can not be 100% committed to healthy living. I read a lot about it to understand myself, my body and there’s also a scientific explanation to it, to addiction of junk food. Sometimes I feel like I’m in between giving myself totally to healthy eating and just start living with french fries and beer. It’s unbelievable how your eating choices effects your body and your mood and how to become addicted to things. I’m telling you, junk food is a serious addiction…

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