Farewell 2017

2017 was the laziest year of my personal history. I postponed, neglected, delayed and ignored things and people BIG TIME. I’m not writing this here as a confession or I regretted what I did. This was what I needed, I needed to be in “standby” mode, I needed to take a step back and evaluate first myself and then everything and everyone in my life. While I was thinking about it by the end of the year, I’ve come across this;

This was exactly what I was feeling. When I look back, 2016 was the hardest year of my life and I thought that was why I just paused in 2017. I was literally cocooning. And again, by the last month of the year, I felt like this was it. I felt like I was stuck in this paused mode like forever. But suddenly something started to loose. I am still feeling it. It gets loose slowly, sometimes makes me nervous but I trust my process. I have no idea what 2018 has for me but I trust it no matter what.

Enough with all these personal “speech”. Let’s talk about 2017.

2017 was a good and a beautiful year for us. We had ups and downs that can be considered kind of extreme. We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. He’s my rock.♥ I turned 35 in 2017. I’m so grateful that I’ve come this far, I feel blessed. But the most beautiful thing that happened in 2017 was Carlita. She came into our life, our home and we are inexpressively happy about it. 

With Carlita’s joining us, we didn’t travel a lot in 2017. I guess we didn’t want to. Enjoying time together, three of us was very nice all year long. But we again visited our families and friends occasionally and we had a few visitors. And we went out A LOT. This was, I guess one of the most sociable year we had? We are planning to do so in the new year.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful summer vacation in Bodrum. Even remembering those summer times makes me sigh. After summer time, the year became more beautiful because the work load of Mr. T lightened and his schedule started to clear up and we started to spend more time together (Thank God!). I wish it continues like this in 2018.We watched EVERYTHING. As we spent a lot of time at home, we really watched movies and series a lot. My favorites were Juste Le Fin Du MondeI don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, Le Tableau and Ma vie de Courgette. We’ve also watched great documentaries like What the Health and Inner Worlds Outer Words. My favorite series were Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency, F is for Family and The OA.

And proudly I can announce that I completed my reading challenge for the first time in history. I’ve read 36 books which is a very good improvement compared to last years. My favorite book of 2017 is by far Voyage au bout de La Nuit by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. It was the winner but La Vie Devant Soi by Romain Gary became my another all time favorite.And music. Although my husband has messed up my Spotify flow in a very short time, I tried to clean up the mess. I’ve spent 25.769 minutes of my year to music. I’m not ashamed to share that Starboy is my most listened song during 2017. This was our 2017. I’ll remember it with a smile on my face. Always. No matter what happens, I know that it happens for a reason and I embrace it. Magic found me again in 2017. And I hope 2018 have more magical days for me. I wish magic finds you too in this new year.



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