December 2017

I am still trying to recover from last weekend of a massive hangover. In such times, it’s very hard to remember even the previous day so I’m having hard time to recall all those days back in December 2017. 

One thing I know, It was very cold so we did spend time at home last month. Except the days that I had to go to the physiotherapy (yes I’m still going) I rarely left home. But “things” happened during December.

Firstly, I started to swim again. Yes, I know what a great time to go back to the pool and get wet. But I’m happy that I’m back. The reason I was at home, mostly in the kithen was, my husband gave me an early new year gift, something I was dying to have; a kitchen machine. Now that I’m able to make super vegan recipes. 

In 16th of December, we celebrated Carlita’s birthday because why not? We  don’t know when she was born but we decided to set a symbolic birth date and as birthdays are very important in our house, we threw a party. 

I’ve read two books in December 2017 and one of them has become my biggest regret. I regretted that I hadn’t read it before. It’s Voyage au bout de La Nuit by Louis-Ferdinand Céline and I guess it’s fair to say it’s become my favorite. I’m sorry that I’ve read it t00 late but I know everything has its time and December 2017 was the right time for me to meet this amazing novel. If you haven’t read it yet, consider me writing these lines as a sign. I’ve also read Toxic Parents by Susan Forward.  

We watched 2 new series; Dark and The Sinner. I can’t remember if we watched any movies but the last week of December we went to see a Turkish comedie movie which was exactly what we needed. It was really funny and we enjoyed it a lot. 

Also the last weekend of December, just before the new year’s eve we went out and it was a big mistake though we had a lot of fun. We. Were. Wasted. I don’t remember the last time I got that drunk, maybe 10 years ago? I don’t know. but I know there will be nights like this in coming year. And new year’s eve we were at home, together three of us for the first time but popping champagnes didn’t help my massive hangover. 

This was our last month of 2017 as far as I can remember. I hope you are having a great month and started 2018 in an amazing way. Happy New Year Again!


2 thoughts on “December 2017

  1. Kedilerin doğumgünü kutlanmalı. Ben kutluyorum. Pastasız mamalı :p

    Céline’le tanışmana da sevindim. Geç olsun güç olmasın. Herkes okumalı. Karanlık bir adam ekseriyetle. Ruh ikizi olabilir Henry Miller’ın bence.

    İyi yıllar.

  2. İyi mi oldu kötü mü oldu bilemiyorum zira şu an başka kitap okumak istemiyorum, tadı damagımda diyorlar ya işte aynen öyle.
    Sana da iyi yıllar.

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