52 Journal Questions

I’m a bit late to write this post but better late than never. right? Last year I did enjoy doing the 52 Week Photo Challenge here in my blog. This year, I wanted to continue a weekly challenge but I didn’t want it to be a photo challenge again. A few months ago, I came up with these journaling questions from Hayley From Home  and I thought it could be a great weekly challenge for the blog. Some of the questions are familiar, they are probably answered by every blogger in the blog world but I really like the questions in general. Still like the previous weekly challenge I’ve done, there’s no specific time or format to post; You can only write, or share a photo or both or a song, you can manipulate it as you wish. The main goal is to stay on track and not to neglect blogging. 

I hope it reaches to many people and inspire them to write!

52 journaling questions

2 thoughts on “52 Journal Questions

  1. Bu güzel ve yapılabilir duruyor sanki. Geliyor olabilirm. ^^

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