52 Journal Questions ∴3

Week 3: Five things you would like to do more.

I’ve made some resolutions for the new year. Actually they were made before new year arrived because I was feeling the urge to change things in my life. One of them is “Going Out More“. For the last few years I think I’ve become a little too much domestic. Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home and spending time indoors. My home is like my sacred palace but lately I was feeling “FOMO”. In fact not exactly fomo but like I was neglecting the “life outside”. So I decided to go out more, attend to activities more, go to meetings and concerts more, meet with friends more… I want to be more present outside the home.

The second and the most important thing to do more is; Dancing. I loooooove dancing. I dance when I clean the house, I dance when I’m in the car driving, I dance when I cook… I do love dancing. And again lately, I’m feeling like, I missed every chance to dance. I have to dance because like Maya Angelou said “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

Read More. I envy people I see on Goodreads who read like 100 books in one year. I guess my problem is I only read at night before I go to bed. I never read in daytime unless I’m waiting in line in bank or post office. So I decided to spare time for reading in my daytime routine. I’ve challenged myself to read 45 books this year and I hope one day I’ll be commited to 100 books.

Workout More. One thing I didn’t care about for too long now. I. Have. To. Move. I’m feeling that I’m losing my flexibility and physical strenght. So my number one priority for 2018 is to get back in shape and stay there.

Wear More Color. I’ve written here before that I want to get back to my old “quirky” style; more colorful and more bright. So to ignite this fire I’ve bought an UFO BAG. AND I LOVE IT from the minute I saw it!

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