52 Journal Questions∴7

Week 7: Write down something you are stressed about.

I don’t know. I quit giving a fuck about a lot of things very long time ago and I wish I had done it way before. Because there’s no point in stressing about something if you are not able to change it. Seriously, if it’s something about the past, I can’t do anything about it. If it’s something about the future, why should I stress or worry about it? I work/try my best to make it happen. If it’s something current that bothers me, I believe that everything has a solution, even I like it or not. And to stop giving a fuck is something I really really like :)

4 thoughts on “52 Journal Questions∴7

  1. Hi Fatos. Just write all your stress down ’til you feel better about it. I haven’t written anything for a long time but I vent my stress out as much as possible on other things (Arena of Valor *cough cough). I used to maintain a private blog in tumblr where I talk shit on just about everything. Keep sane.

  2. Hi Kim, happy to see you’re back!
    It seems that you haven’t read what I wrote :) I don’t stress about anything at all. I’m cool as a cucumber nowadays.

  3. I read through it but I misunderstood your post :( I thought it was passive-aggressive and I was imagining an an angry defensive tone when I read it last night. Sorry about assuming that, which is very very wrong. But, anyway, I’m glad you’re cool as a cucumber. :)

  4. The handicap of written language…
    Maybe it’s because of me, because of the words I chose. I gave you that impression? There’s nothing to be sorry about and thanks for the advice by the way. :)

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