52 Journal Questions∴8

Week 8 A Book that has Influenced Your Life

I really thought about this week’s question. This kind of questions always make me nervous. If the question was about favorite books, it would be easy to answer. But talking about a book that has influenced “YOUR LIFE” is a very intense topic. It’s not as easy as talking about your favorite book or writer or movie or people. At least it’s not easy for me. 

As I said, I really thought about it and my answer is The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat. In fact I can say that there hasn’t been another book that comes closer to influence my life than this one. It’s so dark, so pitch black that it soaks you up and that darkness starts to devour you from the first page till the last. Every page makes it hard for you to breath and I mean it! You don’t enjoy your life while reading it. The book is like a nightmare, yet it’s one of the amazing masterpieces in literature. 

And yes, this book influenced my life big time. It effected my life, effected how I feel, how I think. It’s more than one of my favorite books.


3 thoughts on “52 Journal Questions∴8

  1. I think the book that influenced me the most is probably the Bible, Old Testament, particularly the chapter about the Revelations.

    I was very young then, maybe 12, and there it was, painfully putting into detail how sinners, who are basically everyone, will be punished. It affected me in a bad way because back then, what got me thinking was I had to do good things to avoid that kind of punishment when Judgement Day comes.

    But that’s not a good motivation to do good. And I was already an adult when I dispelled that wrong notion. After all, we just do good things because it is what feels right.

  2. 12?!! Did someone make you read it or it was you who made the decision? A child shouldn’t read such things :(
    I’m 35 and haven’t touched any of those holy books and glad I didn’t.
    Kim, if you have time, why don’t you join this weekly challenge “52 journal Questions”? I really miss your posts :)

  3. It was my decision because I just see it lying around in the house :) I think the norm here in our country, back then, is for every house to have a Bible.

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