Monday Situation

I woke up at 06:30 today, made breakfast for Mr. T, send him to work, went back to bed, read a little and fell asleep again. BUT unlike other mornings I re-woke up at 11:34! 

We had a busy weekend. We went to a concert on Friday night, went to sleep 3 in the morning. The next day, we had sudden visitors to stay over. We tidied up the house, welcomed them, went to a late dinner and again went to sleep very late and I couldn’t sleep very well. On Sunday we got up early because they left eearly. We spend the rest of the day for looking the right jeans for Mr. T – Thanfully we found it- and had a movie night at home. I read a little and went to sleep after midnight. Normally, I don’t sleep after my husband left for work but sometimes I fell asleep but around 9-9:30 our little cat daughter wakes me up. But this morning she didn’t and I’m glad I could sleep, I really needed it. So I woke up in a good mood. A great start for Monday, for a new week! I hope you are having a good day!

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