52 Journal Questions ∴9

Week 9: Share a Childhood Memory.

It’s said that many people can’t remember of their life before the age of seven. Well, I’m not one of them. The first memory of my life that I remember was when I was around 2.5-3. I don’t know how I’m able to remember things but they are very clear to me even on this day. I told my parents about the things I remember and they put them in chronological order. The first thing was I was in a hospital. There were two nurses with me. One was holding me. The other one was making me wear her nurse hat, the ones that they used to wear of yore. There wasn’t any mirror around so they took me to a glass door that you can see your reflection because of the sun. It was summer time and it was a beautiful sunny day, I remember. I saw myself. I had very long hair. The hat was big. The nurse holding me was a ginger and she had short, very straight hair. I remember the feeling, I liked the hat on me. 

So now I need to add one of my childhood photos here, right? Ok. How many of you have a photograph taken when you were two, sitting on a potty in outdoors in a camping side in Bodrum, Muğla? Literally the best days of my life!

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