52 Journal Questions ∴10

Week 10: How do you See the World?

My answer may sound negative and hopeless to you, but I have to say, although I thinkthe way I think, I don’t feel all that much hopeless or depressed. 

First of all, for me the earth is a paradise. It’s fascinating to me. The mother nature enchants me every single time, takes my breath away. The living beings, from the smallest organisms to the largest animals… They are all like magic. They are the most beautiful and amazing things we-us, the human beings- would ever meet in this endless universe. 

Us, the human beings on the other hand. We are miracles but at the same time we are the embarrassment, disappointment and misfortune of this beautiful world. I used to say, I hope the biggest natural disaster to find the human race and wipe us all out. But then “some things happened”. Things I can not and won’t explain. And my perception of the humankind started to change. As I discovered more deeply through my consciousness, I realized how special we are but how we all shut ourselves down to true purpose of our existence. I read and learn why we do this. In terms of “to survive”, we ignore all our pure presence on earth. We become the prisoner of our emotions, our thoughts, our standards of living etc. These things, emotions, thoughts, they all block us. We put them  by ourselves in the way to our pure presence. When you think, it’s crazy. It’s the most evil thing you could do to yourself, yet we all do it every single day, again and again and again. 

You know they say “Knowing and doing are two different things”. While awakening to things and feeling it in every bone of my body, it was -and still is- a real challenge to change my perception. I’m still trying to convince myself that no matter what every human being is lovable, every human being deserves the same chance, every human being deserves your time, patience and love and I’m failing. All the evil, injustice, inequality, suffering and cruelty that humans cause makes me sick, makes me angry. But yet I don’t and won’t  give up. I’ll always try untill the day I left this physical vehicle of flesh and bones of mine.

And this is how I see the world. It’s an illusion to awaken us to our real purpose and to an endless love.

2 thoughts on “52 Journal Questions ∴10

  1. That sounds like an enlightening book. I think it might be too deep for me though. And I love expressing emotions too much :)

  2. I don’t think it’s too deep or too far for anyone. We only need to stop for a while and just be still to discover it.

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