52 Journal Questions ∴11

Week 11: Your Playlist Right Now

I’m fully aware that I’m following behind the challenge I started myself but as I always say; Life happens. 

Anyway, the previous week asks for our playlists. I have tens of playlists, which one should I talk about?? 

I use Spotify and I use it everyday. The moment I wake up the music is on in our home. I have 7 public playlists and like 7897 hidden ones. But for more than a year, I haven’t made any new playlist. I prefer listening to Spotify Radio. I really love its radio function. You can discover lots of beautiful songs and artists or listen to a song that you haven’t listened to for ages. 

Last weekend, we went to visit Mr. T’s parents which means we had a road trip. While listening to Spotify Radio, I came across with this song. It’s been may be years since the last time I heard it. It’s one of my favorites, reminds me a particular time of my life. So instead of sharing my playlist here’s a beautiful song for you:




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