52 Journal Questions ∴13

Week 13: What Holds You Back?

When I thoroughly go through my life, I can say that there are different aspects, thoughts and attitudes that held me back in life. For example, in my childhood I think my introversion was my biggest downside (Though I still question if it’s was a downside or a blessing). When I was a teenager, insensitivity was the problem. My university years, I was mostly drown into the sea of melancholy. My early young adult years were the victim of my lack of empathy. I was cruel to people. Also my disability to show and express my feelings really held me back. 

Now, on my way from young adult to middle age,for the last couple of years what holds me back is my lack of motivation and my indifference about everything. You want something, you really want it, you know that it will be good for you but you do nothing about it? Welcome to my world… Sometimes I think I’m dead inside but not in a gloomy way. I mean like constantly staying neutral. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad. It does have pros and cons though.

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