March 2018

I used to write my monthly reviews on the last day of the month and now look what’s happened… It became an habbit for me to delay these posts…

March started fast with a concert we were looking forward to. One of our new year resolutions was to “go out” more and I guess we’re doing fine in our own pace. Plus we went to a play that we did want to see for a long time; The 39 Steps. Also we saw the ballet Giselle at the end of the month. A concert+a play+a ballet in one month. I think it’s not bad for home birds like us. I almost forgot! We also had a movie date night and watched Red Sparrow. So, a concert+a play+a ballet+a movie in one month. That’s look more satisfying.

We had several accomplishments last month. First, I cooked “stuffed dried eggplants”. I tried to make it for the first time in my life. They. Were. AMAZING! I’m telling you I’m seriously good at cooking and I can’t be humble about it. Then I tried “bulgur buttons” and I also cooked them for the first time, now they are our new addiction. AND AGAIN we made spelt bagels for a beautiful sunday breakfast; The best breakfast of the month! I think it’s understandable why we can’t lose weight as a couple. 

Enough with the eating. Spring is here. We celebrated it with a almost a 11.000 step walk on a beautiful sunday afternoon around the city. To be honest I’ve been going through the laziest period of my life. I know this is not right and have been thinking about it but haven’t done or planned anything yet. But two days ago we heard that one of Mr. T’s close friends had a heart attack! He’s 34 and had his first heart attack. That was unsual and unexpected. Thankfully he is recovering fast. I think it was a wake up call for us. And if you are postponing to move your ass, this is a sign you are waiting for! Also summer is around the corner so getting fit and losing a little weight will be pleasant.

During March we watched a lot of Netflix shows; Derren Brown: The Push, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2, Trainwreck, Cowspircay, The Age of Adeline, Inglorious Bustards and of course Annhilation. We also watched Godfather, The Shape of Water and Red Sparrow. And I read really good books in March. I’ve been challenging myself not to buy new books until I’ve read every single book that has been waiting for to be read in our bookshelf. Especially the old ones. So I’ve read Dubrovsky by Alexander PushkinA Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov, Geriye Kalan by Aziz Nesin and Chess Story by Stefan Zweig

Now I need to go because I want to spend time with my new bullet journal. Yes, I’ve start to write a bullet journal though it’s almost the half of the year. So what? Also I need to write my weekly challenge posts. I hope you are spending this beautiful spring month happily!

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