52 Journal Questions ∴16

Week 16: Five Things To Do Less Often.

For me, this list should be named “50 things to do less often”. There are many things in my every day life that I want to quit, end or to do less. But I’ll write about the most crucial ones. First of all,

1. Don’t Judge Others.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a “judger” as I used to be in the past and let me give myself my due, I’ve changed my thoughts and feelings about judging others. But still, there are moments and certain issues I work on and as a matter of fact I want to write about this title in coming days.

2. Do Not Ignore The Signs.

I am not talking about only the “health signs”. I think we are all in the same page that we shouldn’t ignore any medical symptom? But still there are other signs that most of us ignore or prefer to ignore every day. You might call them signs from your higher self or from spirit guides or signs from divine guidance or signs from God, I don’t know. The one thing I know and 100% sure of is when you ask for a sign, you get it. It is always there, sent it to you. You can choose to ignore it, may not pay enough attention to get it… One way or another, you get that sign. 

And I sometimes choose to ignore it. It is there, in plain sight. I get it actually, I understand it. But I avoid it, shut my eyes to it, I reject it. Then I try again, then another sign is sent, then I try again, another one is sent… This goes on and on until I recive another sign which reminds me that some things and some people can’t change. It is not their time yet. Maybe the time won’t come for them and I should give up to make things happen. It’s not my job. And I start to feel great. Because I notice how much of my energy and time I spent for it and accepting what is, is such a relief to be honest. So I promise myself not to ignore the signs and  stuck into that vicious cycle again.  

3. Do Not Procrastinate.

The epidemic of this century: Procrastinating. I also a sufferer. 2016 was not an easy year for me and the first half of 2017 was not either. To tell the truth 2017 was my laziest year EVER. I delayed every thing, I neglect everything and everyone including myself. I lived like a plant so to say. But enough with this lazy, sluggish, numb me. I woke up finally and trying to put things together and  in order. Last week I created myself a new morning routine and I’m super excited about it. 

4.Do Not Eat Shitty Food

I’m switching to a complete vegan life style and I’m doing really good. Honestly, I’m doing better than I’ve expected. But my addiction to junk food annoys me very much. 80% of the time we eat clean and healthy but in that 20% part we keep exaggerating all the time. I’m working really hard on finding the underlying cause beneath this addiction and till ı find it, I won’t give up!

5. Don’t be a total homebody.

I’m a complete introvert. I don’t spend too much time with people. I have a circle, a small one and I’m really happy in it. I am not anti-social. I respect people and have a beautiful communication with whomever I come across. And somehow they do love me.

Anyway, people can react weirdly when I talk about my daily life because I’m mosty at home and I’m very picky about social occasions which means I spend most of my time at home and alone. They always ask me whether i am bored or not. I can understand why they wonder but I function differently. This is how I live my life and I’m incredibly happy about it. Being able to spend time by myself, in my home alone is the best thing I have in this life. I always say I’m my best friend and the best company. But sometimes I feel like I’m missing out some things. Especially when the spring arrives. So this spring I decided to be a less homebody and go out more, I want to enjoy the sun more. I don’t care if it’s with people or not. All I want to do is be more out and about.

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