52 Journal Questions ∴17

Week 17: What Do You Love About Yourself?

I used to ask this question to people and getting the answer like “I don’t know” or “I’ve never thought of it” was always surprising to me. How could someone never thought of her/his own traits, good or bad? Are you that busy or are you that not involved into your own life? 

Anyway, the one thing I love most about myself is that I can change. I can change who I am. Through the years I witnessed that I don’t have a fixed personality. Since the day I’ve pledged to better myself, to be a better version of myself, I change constantly. A very lovely friend of mine once said to me that I was reborn from my own ashes. What an amazing and fascinating comment it was! Being adaptable to change is the best form of freedom I’ve experienced in my life. 

Another thing I love about myself is I tell what I think. It’s something that came to me after I started to change things. I wasn’t like this, used to keep things to myself a lot but not anymore. I’m not talking about tactlessness or inconsiderate openness but saying purely what I think and how I feel about something, being free spoken, saying what I mean and meaning what I say. This cost me a lot of people but I’m much happier with my circle. 

One other thing is I love learning and I will never ever stop learning. I’m pretty curious about almost everything. I loooove information. I’m like an information zombie. Even though sometimes it leaves my brain after 5 minutes. And thankfully I have the time to research and study. 

I guess these are the things I love most about myself. I can talk or write about it for hours. I always say, I love myself and I’m my best friend. Self-love is everthing!




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