52 Journal Questions ∴24

Week 24: Write down one regret.

I mentioned here many many times that I do not believe in regrets. and mistakes. There’s no point in saying “I wish I could” or “What if…”. I wasn’t thinking this way when I was younger but I’ve changed my point of view looong ago and I’m glad I did. 

We all have moments in our lives in which we should or could have made different choices. One thing we miss out is we chose what we thought we needed back then. We chose to say that thing, we chose not to walk away from a toxic relationship, we chose not to do anything about a situation… Just because I now think I should have acted differently, it shouldn’t have to be my biggest nightmare, my regret or my mistake, it shouldn’t haunt me today. I don’t let that happen. That doesn’t supposed to mean that I don’t take responsability of anything I did. No, If I think I should have acted diffrently or broke someone’s heart make him/her upset, I would try every way to make amends with that person and recover from it. This is a lesson, not a regret or mistake. So learn from it.


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