May 2018

This will be a relatively short monthly recap because 1. We were living May but feeling November in Ankara, therefore ⇒2. It was one of the calmest months in our lives. 3. I really feel too lazy to write a long one.

It was Mother’s Day so we visited our parents and also we couldn’t celebrate my mother’s birthday back in March so we had a little birthday party. On good weather days we went out, enjoy the sun but it was not good enough to ride our bikes. I could ride my new bike only once . But I read really nice books during May; Müjdat Gezen’den Masallar by Müjdat GezenClosely Watched Trains by Bohumil HrabalSteppenwolf by Hermann HesseThe Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de BalzacLetter from an Unknown Woman and Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman by Stefan ZweigWard No. 6 by Anton Chekhov and Bonne Nuit, Doux Prince by Pierre Charras

We watched Wanted, Bourne Identidy, Minimalism, American Hustle, Crimson PeakThe Fundamentals of Caring, The Killing of A Sacred Dear and A Quiet Place. We also finished watching the first season of Altered Carbon and The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

That’s all about May 2018. Now I really need to go to the kitchen and cook and leave you with a beautiful song.

Hope you are enjoying June! 



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