June 2018

June? Was it June? It was more like… April?  Summer! Where the hell are you? Seriously??

Thank God there were a few sunny and hot days, it felt like summer and on one of those days we went to a picnic! 

I went to Istanbul to look after my sister’s fur babies as they left for a one week vacation. I was able to see my friends, do the things I was missing to do in Istanbul, it was a very needed getaway for me.

But as always the best part was coming back to these two

While spending time at home because of the weather, I tired to make my own vegan cheese but it was a disaster. Everything was fine except the taste. But but of course this was not an excuse to take a nice photo of my first cheese. Now I’m looking for a new recipe becuase there’s no way this little wheel is going to be eaten. And for the first time again, I cooked “stuffed squash blossoms” and they were really really delicious! A little hard to make but extremely delicious!

And books. I’ve read The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoChronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García MárquezPedro Páramo by Juan RulfoThe Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown and Zübük and Şimdiki Çocuklar Harika by Aziz Nesin.

We watched Ladybird (one of my favorite movies of 2018!) and Bridesmaids. It’s with great sadness that I started to watch The Vampire Diaries. Yes, he 15 year old girl trapped inside my 36 year old body wanted a teenage drama hell for my morning hours. I, Sir, am not ashamed to admit that I do enjoy the series… And actually I will watch a few episodes now so I need to leave you now.

I hope you are enjoying your summer-like July days. 



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